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Operating a business is a tough job so that it why it is excellent to find out that Private Detective Stoke can help you with numerous corporate headaches you could have like tracking employee monitoring, suspicions of fraud or espionage.

Our private detectives are specialist and will offer a service that is unparalleled. Working with corporations and businesses is a thing we are experts in at Private Detective Stoke and we have a crew which are focused on corporate investigations. These members of our staff are here to help you and will be around throughout your investigations to offer you every help possible in your circumstance within a professional and timely manner. For an investigation company that cover the whole of the UK and specialise in employee investigations contact Corporate Investigations UK.

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Stoke Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations usually entail all the efforts aimed at finding any malicious activities carried out in a business enterprise, and against the rules and regulations of the organization. There is various kind of corporate investigation ranging from financial searches, criminal enquiry, to intellectual property, depending on the situation of the case. Initially, corporate investigation might sound so bogus, nonetheless, it is prudent to acknowledge that litigation that usually arises from employee misconduct costs organization billions of money. Because of this, a number of efforts to reduce such cases must be initiated. Ideally, in an event where an employee is entangled in any ugly cases such as stealing, a business organization should find a way to investigate such matters and maybe come up with preventive measures. This is where Private Detective Stoke can help.

Corporate Investigations in Stoke

In this case, a high-end shoe shop has lost some of its stock, and it has really worried the management. Naturally, any management team will be worried and because of this corporate investigation must be initiated. Essential need to launch rigorous investigation into this matter is to simply fish out the culprits, and eventually end such behaviours. In this case, the management team approached Private Detective Stoke in UK, due to their widely known reputation when it comes to cost effective and reliable investigations. The private detectives agency is coupled with unmatched expertise, as well as tools thus allowing them to investigate on such matters easily. The Stoke detectives will provide an array of corporate investigation and surveillance services to the high-end shop. Whether dealing with theft, fraud, counterfeiting, copyright, espionage, or other employment issues, the agency understands perfectly that, such business enterprises seek the latest and most proactive methods of acquiring evidence and information. In fact, our private investigation agency can provide tangible evidence to organizations in situations where barely no suspicion exists. Our private detectives made all the arrangements with the management and went ahead and installed hidden surveillance cameras within the high-end shoe premises. These high tech CCTV cameras have the capacity to record every movement happening within the shops vicinity. Furthermore, the fact that the employees in the shop know nothing concerning the hidden camera, they will continue doing their dubious acts, without the fear of being identified.

The cameras recorded one of the workers taking the stock, which was bought recently. More so, the worker never intended to tell the management, or even record the activity in the book of accounts. It was evident that he committed the theft and the likelihood was that, the employee had been doing it for some time. This act was against the agreed terms and conditions prior to the employment. After a successful corporate investigation, the private detectives in Stoke offered the management of the high-end shop a detailed report concerning the theft. This was coupled with tangible video footage, which was recorded secretly by the hidden surveillance cameras. With this kind of evidence, the management was given the best opportunity to determine what action to take and called the police. Additionally, Private Detective Stoke have private investigators who will undertake all surveillance procedures according to the legislation of UK, without invading the workers privacy. Moreover, in any corporate investigations, a detailed surveillance logs are recorded throughout the project, while providing edited video, as well as photographic footage since the surveillance was commenced

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