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When you have been the target of a fraudulent attack, either at work or at home is surely the most miserable and annoying and expensive experience that you have ever had. Fraud could attack at any moment in daily life and at Private Detective Stoke we have fraud investigation services which will help equally individual and enterprise consumers to learn who committed this offense.

Fraud could affect men and women from all walks of life and at any time. If you are in need of advice our friendly private detectives can assist you with any problems you may have with fraud or fraud prevention, being careful with your money, welfare, savings and identity needs to be one of your top priorities as this can keep you safe.

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It is normal for people to be sick or be injured at their workplace. This normally happens especially in places that demand much use of energy and tedious work. In an event where a worker injures himself or herself, it follows unconditionally that the responsible authority will give him or her sick leave. Doing so, the company will be respecting the employees' rights. However, sick leave can be very tricky on the company's part, especially when the worker lies about his health condition, in order to attend to other business or activities. For example, an employee might lie about an injury or sickness, and go ahead to perform other activities such as, gardening, playing whilst taking advantage of the sick off. This definitely will be a loss to the company due to the time wastage. In such situation, a company should launch a special kind of monitoring and employ a private detective, such as Private Detective Stoke to try to find out what the employee could be up to. This process is commonly known as covert surveillance. It usually occurs when someone or something is being observed particularly without the person's knowledge or consent. Employee who knows that they are under surveillance, are always suspicious.

Fraud Investigations in Stoke

In this context, an employee has been off sick due to a neck injury that probably happened whilst in the workplace. However, sources privy to the employee, reveals that the employee has been engaging in some activities that means she could be lying about her condition. For instance, maybe the employee was seen doing some tedious activities, yet she claimed to be suffering from a serious neck injury. The company had no option but to initiate some rigorous covert surveillance. Furthermore, lying about your health condition, on the verge to gain some benefits is a crime under the law. In fact, it is termed as fraud, thus the need to launch fraud investigations. The company approached Private Detective Stoke, for covert surveillance. The private investigators in Stoke were hired to observe the suspected employee. Normally, companies do hire private investigators in order to observe specific employees who are suspected of fraudulent, or breach the confidentiality agreements.

The private detectives in Stoke carried out the operation by the use of high tech technology such as cameras and binoculars among other things. Moreover, they went a notch higher to perform covert surveillance by incorporating global positioning systems (GPS) in their investigations. Ideally, the private investigation business is coupled with modern technological tools, which is safer, affordable, and reliable. After a successful investigation, Private Detective Stoke gave the company a report inclusive of, video footage showing the employee performing other errand jobs, hence showing she was lying in order to gain the benefits of being off sick. The company utilized the investigation results and reported the employee to the police for the intentional fraud.

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